The Minute Parasha

Torah is not a book. It is a source of life: a word that comes to life when we look at it from the perspective of our own life.

Each week, the parasha brings to us a wisdom for us to discover, using both the commentaries of our Sages, and our own life experience.

"In the Minute Parasha", I offer thoughts on the parasha of the week, in order to share with you how the Torah speaks to my every day life, and how I can use its wisdom to become more ethical, balanced and happy.



Vezot Haberakha


The Minute Kavannah


What is the meaning of our holy days?

In Judaism,  kavannah (intention) is the state of mind with which we adress what we do.

It is our level of spiritual preparation that gives meaning and beauty to our experience.

In the "Minute Kavannah", I offer a kavannah for the new month (Rosh Hodesh) or the upcoming holiday.



Tisha beAv


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